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We Handle Your N.I.E.

NIE España.jpg

At South Properties, we offer a complete N.I.E. (Foreigner Identification Number) processing service, designed to streamline your property acquisition and legal formalities in Spain. This service is tailored to international clients who seek a quick and efficient way to secure their N.I.E.

Our N.I.E. processing service at South Properties includes:

  • Personalised Consultation: We provide specialised advice, guiding our clients through the N.I.E. application process, answering queries, and offering insights on the required criteria.

  • Document Collection: Our team will collect and verify all necessary documentation, ensuring it's complete and current prior to submitting it to the appropriate authorities.

  • Application Submission: We manage the N.I.E. application submission to either the Foreign Office or the police station, as required.

  • Application Tracking: South Properties keeps a close eye on the status of your application, informing you of its progress and facilitating any necessary steps to speed up the process.

  • N.I.E. Delivery: Once the N.I.E. is obtained, we ensure it's safely and promptly delivered to you.

With South Properties, you can concentrate on your own projects and activities, while we take care of your N.I.E. process, simplifying your experience and operations in Spain.

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